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WICKED SOUNDS CD Rom for Samplers and Computers All the sounds of the 505 'Groove Box'
In the 80's as a percussionist with the group Gondwanaland, I pioneered the use of drum machines and sequencers in the recording and live arenas. The 90's brought the computer age, samplers and bedroom studios, culminating in my highly acclaimed 'Xenophon' CD by Gondwana (co writing/ programming/ production). My extensive experience in the music business means I know just what programmers need to create the hottest tracks. I have now produced a CD Rom for Samplers of the Big "R's" 505 groove box, undoubtedly the most wicked sound library around. It contains samples of all the root waves and preset sounds on the 'groove box' machine, for Akai S3000 series and other compatible samplers. All samples were bass boosted where appropriate. I have added program data, looped all the sounds that required looping, and added specific filtering for maximum production quality. I have generally taken the utmost care to achieve a fantastic sound bank. On this CD is a 26 minute audio track, which includes most of the sounds which are on the Rom. It's a very good all round software addition, offering a '505' on a sampler. This same sound bank is also available in an AIFF wave format for PC and Mac computers and is Mesa/Akai compatible. The size of both these Rom formats is 300 mega bytes. The price is AUD$100.00 (pph). If you have any questions or wish to purchase 'Wicked Sounds' please email me for the details.

Some people so it would seem dont want you to have this! But it's Kosher Oh Yeah!!
870 wicked sounds available Akai Samplers and AIFF and WAVE File format for computers. Special laminated sound list for endless reference. Just link below to a full list of sounds!!!

Ed Duquemin; Who am I
My dynamic and innovative approach has inspired many new artists. My style from the very beginning has been unique and primal, playing tribal rhythms well before their general acceptance in contemporary music. Gondwanaland will go down in Australia's music history for their contribution to Australian popular contemporary music. Playing with Gondwanaland gave me unlimited scope to explore, develop and accelerate performance virtuosity. As drum machines came into use I quickly incorporated them as a tool rather than be replaced by them. Learning music computing technology early while working with producer Paul Radcliff on the self titled Gondwanaland Album (released locally and in Japan) enabled me to progress into music composition, my percussion background adding a special interpretation. Several years of intense computer programming and sample editing plus many more CD releases, culminated in the latest CD 'Xenophon'. My finest achievement in composition and production yet. The 'band in a box' approach /method as used in the writing and programming of 'Xenophon', compositions in Asia and remixes recently done in London enables, complete writing, documentation and total recall anywhere anytime. Moving through the London and local dance music scenes for 5 years has re-educated me to compose new world innovative music. This progression was very apparent when working on the 'Xenophon' CD. After reviews such as 'understated brilliance' (Rolling Stone) and my collaborations with my London peers, my desire is now to fully develop my own music. My latest music for a new millenium is under construction. This new style at this point is summarised as Pink Floyd goes to a Dance Party. Stay Tuned!!!!
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